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As an events & hospitality company, we want to ensure that people feel safe when in our venue. We have a zero tolerance policy towards any acts of transphobia, misogyny, homophobia, racism, sexism or any other of discrimination. With this policy we aim to create a safe space for all of our customers who respect each other & staff.

If you or anyone you see is being made uncomfortable from another persons actions please alert staff & security immediately. These actions will not be tolerated.

We want everyone to have fun, but please be respectful and helpful of each other, and thats how we’ll do it.



Within our spaces we want to create a neighbourhood watch style approach. We all need to take care of each other & check in with friends. If you see someone potentially in a situation which you may feel seem ‘off’, reach out to them & see if they are ok. We all need to look out for each other to ensure a safe space.

Go slow, and encourage your friends and group to do the same. Its been a long time since gigs and events have been on, everyone is out of practice and excited to be back, but there’s no rush,  don’t overdo it, or encourage it. Its for the best.

If you feel a situation needs more attention please alert our crew & security. You will recognise them from wearing lanyards, or crew attire. Anyone behind a bar counter area is crew.


In Ireland & the UK there has been an increase in spiking since the pandemic begin, but it was happening before it too. Due to this we have made the decision in some of our venues to do bag & full body searches. This is to ensure the safety of our customers. If you see someone acting suspiciously please alert a member of staff. Spiking can occur through spiking of drinks or a more sinister trend lately of through needle injection. If you think you see anyone acting suspiciously, please alert our crew.


If you are found on our premises harming another customer you will be held until Gardaí arrive & prosecuted.


Take care & look out for one another.