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WATCH: Clubbing Is Culture

Watch the new doc from Thinkhouse, No More Hotels & Algorithm.

As we continue to see the eradication of spaces to dance and face the repercussions of living through a pandemic, we wanted to encourage people to see clubbing for what it was – culture – and something you have to work hard to nurture and protect. As with all culture, if it’s not nourished and given space to grow, it will die. And whilst it may not be * your * culture, that does not invalidate the fact that clubbing is indeed, culture. This mini doc features the voices of five prominent cultural commentators and creators against a backdrop of light projections on some of the most iconic former clubbing venues in Dublin.

NoMoreHotels; Thinkhouse & Algorithm joined forces on Culture Night, an event that seeks to ‘Connect Through Culture’, to highlight the value of clubbing for connection; what’s lost when we dismiss its value and to reinforce the fact that clubbing is indeed, culture. The carcasses of some of the most iconic former clubbing venues which have since been replaced with hotels came alive again with light projections of scenes of what has gone before and with pleas of where we need to go. If clubbing continues to be excluded from the traditional definition of culture in people’s minds, we’ll see the eradication of a culture that has persevered through some of humanity’s hardest times, has helped people survive and thrive and has been the catalyst for some of fashion, art, theatre and music’s most iconic moments. Culture. With this project, we celebrate the fact that clubbing brings people together, it provides growth, art and identity – as well as a rich economy. We celebrate how clubbing enables us to communicate, create and connect in unique and magical ways.