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Vendor Spotlight – Decent Sandwich

The most decent of sandwiches. Some of you may remember David Gavin’s first pop-up a few months back in June in Olea’s unit serving up the tastiest of sandwiches I think we’ve ever had.

Exhibit A below – the first decent sambo we had from Dave…Look at that shtack.

Nduja braised pork shoulder, courgette carpaccio, oregano and lemon mayo kept together in a pillowy Firehouse bap.

We then decided to rope Dave into being apart of the Wine & Cheese fest cause we knew he’d be able to come up with something cheesy & delish and to say he pulled through would be an understatement. Also the fact that it was a family affair working during the festival made the whole thing all that more wholesome.

Exhibit B – The Lasagne Toastie from the Wine & Cheese fest…

Rich beef bolognese, béchamel, pasta sheets and loads of cheese between two slices of fresh white bread with plenty of butter to get that golden colour. Served with Nduja mayonnaise.

News just in that Decent Sandwich might be making a comeback very soon to the Eatyard. Keep your eyes & ears peeled…Can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Check them out on insta – @decentsandwich