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Update from our Farmyard garden at The Bernard Shaw

Incase you weren’t aware, Farmyard is a Bodytonic project we’ve been germinating for 4-5 years now. We we grow our own fruit & veg across all our back yards, rooftops, entrances and behind and on our bar counters.

The Back Page, Eatyard, The Shaw, Wigwam, The Square Ball, the Lighthouse, Jam Park, Pot Duggans & MVP are all now regularly growing herbs, flowers,fruit and veg with the end goal of the produce ending up on our plates, our drinks, markets and shops 💚

Here’s the most recent updates from some of our beautiful Gardens, in the spotlight today is our The Bernard Shaw.


Our wild garlic which will soon be in your garlic mayo

More berries for you cocktails

The potatoes sproutin’

We are extremely proud of how this is coming along

You can believe we have a lot more on the way, just wait and see..


Ellen & The Crew