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The Final Weekend

It’s happening! The final weekend of The Shaw in Portobello is upon us.

When it all came apparent that we would have to leave our home in Portobello there was a feeling that it would all work itself out – a feeling that one way or another we’d find a new home. A feeling inspired by the idea that what should be, will be. And so we have, on November 15th will open it’s doors in Phibbsborough – but not before we give Shaw Portobello one hell of a send off!


One thing that we do ask is that you respect the building and the people inside it this weekend! On December 7th we are going to host an auction in aid of the Simon Community with all the bits we can’t take/ upcycle to another of our venues. We aren’t quite sure yet what will be up for grabs yet but it will be a mix of everything we’ve got going. More news on that soon.


The Final Weekend

Friday – Open from 11am, DJs from 6pm

Saturday  – Open from 11am, DJs from 12am

Sunday (Last Day/ Night) – Open from 11am, DJs from 12am


Come meet new friends and old in the Shaw this weekend for the very last time this weekend. The event of course will be free in, but once we’re full it’ll be one in, one out and Bodytonic Members will get priority entry. Register/ sign in here


we want to see all our friends at once