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Subset – Micro vs. Macro at the RHA Gallery Exhibition

Culture week is upon us and there’s lots of bits happening about the city this week. Our pals SUBSET are exhibiting in the RHA Gallery, opening 20th September.


In the collectives words ” In this exhibition, SUBSET brings awareness to our selective blindness and the impact human actions have on the environment. They have examined several materials on a microscopic level to force a consideration with the cycle of creation and consumption. Through a presentation of microplastic, the audience is dwarfed with this imagery. The main artwork destabilizes the preconception that humans have control over what we create.

September 20th 2019 – January 26th 2020.

The extent of the consequences of microplastics is widely unknown. With each technological advancement in pollution detection, our situation seems more and more hopeless. As this plastic gets smaller it becomes more pervasive and harder to detect. The repercussions are overlooked and now the problem can only be truly understood through a microscope. We hope this macro expression of the micro will give pause for thought.”

It’s surreal to see a street art focused collective to exhibit within the RHA – big up the lads & lassies!