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Something all you budding podcasters or broadcasters need to get your hands on

The lovely Jamz Supernova has launches a new podcast DIY Handbook. This is bound to have all the tips + tricks necessary for success in a difficult industry. It will provide you with first hand insight into the realities of getting your dream career.

This will be done through the form of podcast by Jamz. The new project is a continuation of the broadcaster’s DIY Generation series on 1Xtra, through which she talks to young creatives excelling in their chosen fields.
With DIY Handbook, the BBC Radio 1Xtra mainstay, Future Bounce label head and 6 Music Saturday host will sit down with some of her role models. Across eight episodes, Jamz will cover topics like diversity and trauma through to building a successful team and fostering positive work relationships. The aim of the podcast is to inspire and inform aspirational listeners about the challenges that arise in any given field, and offer positive ways of overcoming them.


The first episode airs on 24 May. Jamz will be discussing the art of persistence with Olympic athlete Katarina Johnson-Thompson. Subscribe to DIY Handbook here.

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