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Bodytonic Music is our record label for releasing music we love and believe in. 


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Releases so far include the likes of Tr One, Ben Bix, HMEFLGHT, White Collar Boy, Somadrone, New Jackson, I Am The Cosmos, Adultrock, Ron Morelli & Svengalisghost (Under their Ghost 202 guise), Frank B, Simon Bird and Naum Gabo
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BTONIC005: Manzana Kicks - In Knots [ Featuring Larry Heard & Optimo Mixes ] 

BTONIC006: Ocho - Mouth To Mouth [ Featuring Darshan Jesrani Mixes ]

BTONIC007: Adultrock - Push & Pull



BTONIC004: Kormac - Doorsteps


BTONIC003: Adultrock - Chants


BTONIC002: Somadrone - The First Wave


BTONIC001: White Collar Boy - SUUU / Tide


POGO004: Tr One - Living In Now


POGO003: New Jackson - The Night Mail



BODYTONIC & FRIENDS MIXES (Inc. mixes from Dimensions Festival, Horse Meat Disco, The Shaw, Snowbombing and more):


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