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Our Favourite Kode9 & Hyperdub Releases

Kode9 needs no introduction, a living legend in the electronic music scene who has been doing amazing work over the last how many years, whether it’s his incredible dj sets or the excellent releases that have been put out on his hyperdub label. With his upcoming show in the basement (19th) creeping up on us we have decided to put together some of our favorite Kode9 & Hyperdub releases for your listening pleasure!

1. ) 9 Samurai – Kode9 & The Spaceape;
A classic featuring the late Spaceape. Everything that epitomizes a Kode9 release. Deep and dubby basslines, great production and a warm buzz while listening. A hyperdub classic!

2.) Rodent (Kode9 Remix) – Burial;
This won’t be Burial’s last feature on this list however for now we are focusing on Kode9 on the remix duties. High energy dub sounds which will have the basement popping off!

3.) Spit (Vox) – Kode9 & Daddi Gee;
BIG tune from 2004. Daddi Gee AKA The Spaceape once again teaming up with Kode9 once again. The chemistry these 2 had when it came to making music was amazing!

4.) Xingfu Lu – Kode9;
A percussive rollercoaster!

5.) The Jackpot – Kode9;
A more recent release, The Jackpot incorporates some sounds that have grown popular over recent years with large 808s but still with their own Kode9 twist!

6.) You & Me – Jessy Lanza;
Released on Hyperdub in 2014, Canadian Jessy Lanza brought her amazing vocals to the party on this one with a top quality instrumental.

7.) Archangel – Burial
Masterpiece….not much more to say to be honest!