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Our Favourite Andrew Weatherall mixes

Hard to believe but it’s been a year since Andy Weatherall’s untimely death. We’ve lost count of the amount of times he played for us over the years, but we think he’s done just about every venue we’ve ever been involved with, and most festivals.


1996 Essential Mix

Hard hitting house jams from open to close.

Bodytonic Arena @ Electric Picnic 2006

This one is just sentimental, the only recording of Andrew at a Bodytonic gig we think?

Dekmantel Festival 2019

3 and a half hours of slow building chuggers

Music’s Not For Everyone, February 2020

Honestly any of these shows on NTS, but this ended up being his last. Listen to it & the back catalogue here


If these haven’t quenched your thirst, take a journey through the Weatherdrive yourslef – 900 hours of the Weatherall archive