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Omnibbles on the Eatyard Stage

Om Nibbles are a new brand of Tasty Natural Snack Bars and Eco products ‘Made for You & the Planet too’ as they are tasty, nourishing AND uniquely wrapped in earth friendly home compostable packaging made from wood fibre.

Jamuna & her partner Sanatan wanted a guilt-free treat to keep them going when out & about without adding to the plastic pollution to the planet, something they could enjoy that would be doing them and the planet good.

So they created our earth friendly bars which are fully vegan, preservative free, processed sugar free, no gluten and full of 100% pure, natural, organic goodness, all packaged 100% plastic free.

They have lots of tasty flavours including Cacao Hazelnut, Ginger Nut, Cacao Peanut and more.

Check them out next weekend on 24th & 25th August from 12pm on the Eatyard Stage.