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Brand New Dublin Based Creative Platform Everyone Needs to Know About

If you’ve not heard about it yet then get to know, Skin&Blister the new Dublin based platform that are..

“here to nuture and encourage female, trans and non-binary creatives in the realm of music and the arts. We are here to shine light on what stops Dublin being at the forefront of safe and progressive dance floors and provide the space needed to become one.”

There’s currently a group of five working on the platform at the moment. They are all working within the creative industry from music to design and textiles. One of the people behind this platform is WOOZY collective and label co-owner and boss gyal EMA. WOOZY released their first compilation in September of last year. So, she’s no stranger to the Irish music scene.

“There are too many talented female, trans and non-binary people in this city that are not seen, not on the line-up, not producing the visuals, not running the event, not behind the sound systems not working the door. Skin&Blister is the support system we need to change this. You can expect talks and workshops, in Yamamori Tengu. In the meantime, stay tuned for COVID-friendly events.”

From this platform we can expect workshops in club visuals, design, DJing and music production and more once restrictions allow. Keep and eye out for what’s to come from this lot. Something fresh, diverse and inclusive, the variety that Ireland needs. Go show support to something new and exciting, we truly can’t wait to see what comes out from the platform.

Instagram : Skin&Blister

Design work done by : Eva Martin and Gina Crighton

Music done by : Jenn Dream Cycles


Ellen & The Crew