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New Decade – New Voices: 001

District, Four Four & Bodytonic:
New Decade – New Voices: 001
01/01/20 – 12pm – 10pm
Wigwam, Middle Abbbey St.


With the coming of a new decade, we thought there was no better time that the very first day of 2020 to highlight the explosion of musical talent coming from the island over the last 12 months. Across both floors of Wigwam; District, Four Four and Bodytonic have come together with a New Year’s Day line up that represents a new era of Irish music, an era that is bold, brave and doing things their own way.

Let’s take advice from our friends and counterparts across Europe by using New Year’s Day to the fullest. Say no to Netflix, say no to your local takeaway and say yes to the best and brightest, yes to ringing in the new year properly and yes to starting the year as you mean to go on!

U͟P͟S͟T͟A͟I͟R͟S͟ ͟L͟I͟N͟E͟ ͟U͟P͟ ͟(͟A͟-͟Z͟)͟:͟
Bobbi Arlo
Jeorge II
Tolu Makay
Rachael Lavelle
+ District DJs

B͟A͟S͟E͟M͟E͟N͟T͟ ͟L͟I͟N͟E͟ ͟U͟P͟ ͟(͟A͟-͟Z͟)͟:͟
Aaron Nolan
Hank LW
Purple Ice