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In my first quarter, it was quite challenging to keep up with schoolwork because the whole process of moving into college and into a foreign country and meeting new people was overwhelming which resulted in me getting Ace writing by expert essay writers! I found, however, as I became more familiar with my schedule that it was easier to organise my studies and balance out school with social life. My classes required a lot of participation and homework, which were very time-consuming for a perfectionist like me, but in retrospect, I realise that this extra effort benefitted me greatly in my learning experience. My major is anthropology. Last year I completed all of my pre-requisite classes in order to declare my major. I found that all of my introductory classes were fascinating, challenging, and they provided a clear view into the field of studies that I want to pursue. The community at UW has changed me the most. In Australia, we don't have the same college experience because few students live on campus. Here, students become a family because we live together, we eat together and we share things that only a family should know. Through this community, I've learnt how to open myself up to people and accept others. It's made me realise that one of the most important things in life is to hold onto a community, a kind of stability that will support me in my own endeavours.

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