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Jordan Rakei releases on Rhythm Section under alias Dan Kye

Ninja Tune artist Jordan Rakei is one extremely talented musician. The Multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer who has also even done his own NPR tiny desk has been interested in dance music since 2015. His interest and alias ‘Dan Kye’ was “born in a dusty pool hall in Rye Lane” says Rhythm Section bossman Bradley Zero. Jordan there, had his first experience of a rhythm section party and London’s club scene.

This is Jordans second release on Rhythm Section, the first one being back in 2016 ‘Joy, Ease, Lightness’. This release, an 8 track LP titled ‘Small Movements’ is a mix of jazz, funk and electronica beautifully seamed together. Theres definitely something special about this one and it could be a multitude of things his clear love of music, his undeniable talent and the special relationship with the label and those who run it.

All of these combining make it one you shouldn’t miss out on. You can also check out a Mary Ann Hobbs exclusive mix released on BBC Radio 6 today in celebration of the LPs release –