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Imirt Cré – Pottery & Pints [SOLD OUT]

Once again in The Bernard Shaw Imirt Cré – Pottery & Pints kicks off on 15th of February.

Who are they and what do they offer?

Imirt Cré – Pottery & Pints is a business owned by Michelle Collier, a qualified Ceramic Artist and Painter. They offer pop up pottery events held in carefully selected pubs.

Pottery & Pints is an event like no other, offering hands on experience learning a new craft while enjoying nice cold pints (other drinks also available).

Using their background in creative therapy, each class can cater for all abilities and skill level with no previous ceramic experience needed.

Whats included?:
– 2hr 15min hand-built pottery workshop with our qualified ceramic artist
– A theme per class but participants are free to make what they like
– All materials and tools included
– 2 drinks (choice of a pints, glass of wine or spirit dash)
– An apron and gloves will be provided to keep clothes and hands clean
– The option to get your pottery fired (additional fee required*)
*Each participant is welcome to take their piece with them on the day(but be advised that the clay will not survive long term in this state) or can pay a small additional fee* to get the piece fired in our kilns(this process requires an adequate amount of time)

All this for the great price of €36.00* plus booking fees

* Additional €5.00 charge to be paid on the day for the piece to be taken away and fired.

The ceramic process:
They start with raw clay, we produce our beautiful pottery creation using hand building methods, slabs, coils, etc.
Once completed they leave to dry, this can take several days for the piece to be fully dried out, any moisture left inside will cause the piece to crack or potentially explode in the kiln so the drying is not the be rushed.
Once fully dried, they fire the piece, this is essentially cooking it in a ceramic oven called a kiln.
Each piece gets bisque fired meaning they fire it to 1040°C, the piece has now transformed from clay to ceramic.

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