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Harry’s Nut Butter Adds New Flavours

How does something already bloody perfect get better? Just add a few extra flavours, simple!

Right before Christmas Harry from Harry Nut Butter has added not one but two new nut butters to the crew. What a treat. If you’ve not tried the original, I urge you to this salty, sweet, spicy nut butter which goes amazing with any savoury dish. It’s honestly great with anything, toast, potatoes, soup, use it in a curry. The possibilities are endless.

Just a year into the nut butter games and already in stores all over the country I have no doubt that these additional flavours will fly off the shelves as well. The two new flavours are; Coco Buzz and Extra Hot.

The Coco buzz is a cocoa, coffee, cacao, coconut, peanut and hazelnut nut butter which goes amazing on anything sweet. The Extra Hot is a bit of the old but extra spicy.

This is a wonderful success story and better munch,

To find out more about Harry’s Nut Butter or to buy click here!