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by pissflaps Saturday, October 4, 2014


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by pissflaps 4th October 2014

New price list up. Not sure if it's a promo or just permanent prices.

These prices are beyond crazy. €2.50 for a pint of Beamish, €2.95 for Kopparberg and €3.95 for a Hendricks & Tonic. As one of my friends said, at those prices he can't afford to be sober.

What i'd love to know is how they do it. Are they willing to operate at a loss just to win people over, kill rival business and then jack prices back up?

by info 4th October 2014

Nope . Exact same funamentals as a lidl . Bulk buying purchasing power & running economies of scale . Eg that poster was no doubt designed by a team who look after 1,000+ bars ...

by ciaranq 4th October 2014

I went in when it opened, enjoyed myself. Will go again at those prices! It's not about to become my local, but for the odd few drinks I'm down with it. 

by andy.noonan85 6th October 2014

Same here, it's not too far form me- grand for some casual pints and a catchup- as said before, they serve a purpose and do it well.


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