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by brianoneill2011 Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tips to approaching Labels/Getting Signed?

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by brianoneill2011 24th September 2014

Been talking to some of the lads about the best way to approach a label over the last while. Any one here have a preference as to how to go about this? as in, first point of contact, formatting, general tips for getting you noticed besides bombarding people on soundcloud etc. 

by brianoneill2011 24th September 2014

Then of course, guys for mastering and that..

by amy 24th September 2014

Start your own :P

by kenny.hanlon 24th September 2014

An effective way could be to send a physical demo to the label. Might take more notice then. 

Doing it by internets - be very specific. Group emails, mailchimp or the like, no personal focus - easiest ways to get ignored. Cut the waffle. 

You should be thinking of specific labels you want to release you and you should contact them in the most direct manner possible. Don't send them one track, don't send them 30. Don't tell them you have a finished mastered ep ready to release. They'll pick the tracks in colaboration with you. Put your best track first. 

Look at labels that have a track record of releasing new/newish artists, not ones that only release already established names, less chance they'll be interested.


You don't need to get mastered tracks to them, the material should be strong enough.

There's too many labels out there at the moment IMHO, it's really hard to get noticed, so it's far riskier doing that. 

Don't be precious about your music. 

by info 24th September 2014

Make the effort with presentation . It really is so worth it in terms of at least capturing the attention of who your sending your music too. 


So either something physical or in your email make it look good . Just make the effort coz 99% of mixes & music I get sent is done so lazily it beggars belief . 


Obviously the music needs to be good , that's needed too . But I'd wager there's a lot of talented musicians out there who never made it because they didn't make the effort or have the talent to get their presentation right 

by acostelloe1 24th September 2014

Yeah totally agree with presentation. Nothing worse than a clearly copy and pasted soundcloud message. 

A lot of labels still accept physical demos so i'd say that is the best route. Even then you may be lucky to get heard. 

Honestly i think the best way is to focus on a few labels you know suit your sound and try and build a relatsionship with them. If a label is going to spend some top dolla pressing your stuff they want to know your not some asshole. Not that it matters in the grand scheme of things but its good that they have an idea where your at. 

If you want to get ahead in this game and you have a bottomless pit of cash at your disposal just fuck a load of money at PR. Works for a lot of people it seems. You'll be front of RA in no time. 

Making decent tunes helps tho ;)

by brianoneill2011 24th September 2014

Yeah, you see so many DJs who regret jumping at the first label who gives them a chance, Ive gathered that. The plan is to target a couple of say mid range labels who are respected and making an impression and go from there. You can expect a demo soon Aaron. :) Appreciate the feed back. 

Also, the unmastered thing is a bit of a releif in a sesne. Solid mix down and if they material is strong enough, it should do the job to make an impression. I suppose the hardest part is to actually finish something and be happy with it, but no producer is truly satisfied with an end product. :/ :)

Again, presontation and approach is key, maybe taking the two routes? be it email and hardcopy, i suppose it cant hurt. 

by kenny.hanlon 25th September 2014

Presentation is a funny one to me. I've had as many demos that have made me curious that say little more than "i dig what you've released, here's some tunes" than anything else. 

It's gas what some folk do. One guy forgot to CC me in his group email, so i could see the list of all the labels he'd sent the demo to. I took one glance at them and closed the mail.

by brianoneill2011 25th September 2014

Direct mails from now on so... :)



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