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by Trev Monday, July 21, 2014

The Wollen Mills

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by Trev 21st July 2014

anyone been yet? called in last week, was impressed. 


by armeisce 21st July 2014

The WOOLLEN Mills you mean? :P

by Stefano1981 22nd July 2014

Yeah, not been yet but looks great. What did you have, Trev?

by mertiall 22nd July 2014

Haven't eaten there yet, but love the roof terrace.

by Trev 22nd July 2014

Had lunch . Great soup & sambo . Dessert not so great . Drinks menu v good , particularly cocktails . Overall just thought it was a well one , timeless sorta place. I could see myself going regularly . It's not one of yer ' cool today , dead tomorrow ' sorta places , or a place u feel uve seen on Instagram a million times . Yeah I liked it a lot 

by info 23rd July 2014


by linehanshane 23rd July 2014

Food is great there in fairness. Decor is tip top too, should do really well

by Stefano1981 2nd August 2014

Had lunch here this afternoon. Very good, space is really nice and the menu is unusual and inventive even with the by now obligatory Ottolenghi influences. Will defintely be back.

by info 2nd August 2014

aye. what i like about it most is it feels like a dublin thing, an irish thing. like they just used their imagination a bit. Not the latest cool thing from NYC or Berlin or wherevertaaafuck. 

pinterest and instragram have probably globalised 'cool' , which is a 1st world complaint. I still maintain all the best stuff in dublin is on the northside, and its been like that for a while now 


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