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by acostelloe1 Monday, September 22, 2014

No creative risk being taken in Dublin?

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by amy 22nd September 2014

Oh Una...

by Stefano1981 22nd September 2014

Lol @ this comment:

'Journalist approaches middle-age without actually realizing it.'

by kenny.hanlon 22nd September 2014

was she not saying the opposite before. Or it's all just a blur of slurry from her, and i can't differentiate.

by amy 22nd September 2014

She was yeah but she probably assumes that everyone who was here to read that article have all emigrated since, and that she can now take a completely different viewpoint.

by niallclery 22nd September 2014

Dublin is grim, but jesus Una, its not that bad. That article made me feel sad, honest.

by ciaranlohan 22nd September 2014

plenty going on, certainly far more than there was 6-10 years ago.

seems like a bollocks article for page hits really.

surprised Una didn't work in a mention for Pantibar like she usually does though.

by boognotic 22nd September 2014

Dublin is grim, but jesus Una, its not that bad. That article made me feel sad, honest.

Grim compared to where?

by patrickdobrien 23rd September 2014

Dublin 'grim'? Get a fuckin grip will ye. Do you even live in Dublin?

by acostelloe1 23rd September 2014

Dublin is grim, but jesus Una, its not that bad. That article made me feel sad, honest.

There is actually too much exciting happening in Dublin at the moment. It's hard to keep track of everything let alone be able to afford it all. No shortage of action. 

by andy.noonan85 23rd September 2014

Don'[t think Dublin has ever been so interesting as it is now! From music to food- there is so much going on!

by eoin_callanan 23rd September 2014

Dublin is only grim if you've spent your entire life in Jobstown.



by amy 23rd September 2014

I have a mate from Jobber who's the happiest / most positive lad I know so even he's fine with the state of things!

by niallclery 23rd September 2014

My sarcasm didn't translate well :S

by gilesk 23rd September 2014

Read this the other day, seems like clickbait as much as anything - although she has a point on the licensing laws.

My biggest problem is deciding which gigs/parties/afters to go (there's so much qualty choice) as well running my own intimate local night once a month too.

No shortage o' nothin' from where I'm standing!

by ciaranq 23rd September 2014

I was at a 30th in the Odeon on Saturday night and they were still serving at 430. Does anyone know what the actual craic is with those spots? Seems like anywhere on Harcourt street can open till all hours, but all it is is hearsay on why they can open so late. Anyone know anyone working there? 

by gilesk 25th September 2014

A welcome trend in the last few years I must say, clubs/late bars essentially ignoring our draconian and completely out-of kilter bang on crazy licencing laws, or getting around them with an (ahem, cough) threatre licence or whatever. Tons of places now seem to stay open and serve until 4:30am, which is great and a start it must be said. We still have a long road ahead of us though and certainly clubs should be allowed to remain open until far far later, at least 7-8am. Of course partying in Berlin, Barcelona, London etc won't quite have the same novelty factor anymore..... ;)

by meister.murphy 25th September 2014

Not reading it, but for events it's always punched above it's weight for its population size, but i get the impression fewer people become self employed than in many other places.

Putting aside the crazy overheads for pretty much everything, it takes time to shake that "job for life" mentality our parents were forced/blessed to have.


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