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by kenny.hanlon Monday, September 29, 2014


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by kenny.hanlon 29th September 2014

Check out this idiot called The Magician. Ex member of disco-dullards Aeroplane. Impressive that it's not his stupidcunt name or stupidcunt music or stupidcunt get-up but his stupidcunt Eqing that steals the show. Props to Pissflaps for bringing this gem to my attention. 

by kenny.hanlon 29th September 2014

wasn't pissflaps actually. nevermind. yis fixing this site or is it just a running joke that you dont do functionality on bt sites?

by ivanvarian 29th September 2014

Seen a lot worse from cunts with more supposed 'cred'

by pissflaps 29th September 2014

Just happy I was in your thoughts when posting! Yeah, I mean there's worse people out there in the world (Kim Jung-Un, Mugabe, the ISIS crowd etc.). It's just the overall wankiness of the video. The not-so-subtle product placement, the cringey concept of office party and the illuminous phono cables.

Still though....Luciano

by kenny.hanlon 29th September 2014

There's luciano and there's everyone else. 

If you've seen worse I want to see it here!

by linehanshane 29th September 2014

Everything driven so far into the red too. "the magician" - lol

by info 30th September 2014

wasn't pissflaps actually. nevermind. yis fixing this site or is it just a running joke that you dont do functionality on bt sites?

whats the problem sweetcheeks?

by kenny.hanlon 30th September 2014

ha. yknow, basic edit functions ;)

by aa 30th September 2014

And I thought the Wizard was good.  The Magician is amaaaaazing.

On EQing , I don't DJ, but have a half decent knowledge of music and I've always been a little bemused by how much DJs are anchored to their EQs.  Not just pisstakers, but it seems nearly the majority to me.  A lot of the time they don't seem to change anything, they just brush their finger off the knob.  Is it just behavioural tic, are they actually doing something, or just trying to look like they're doing more than they are?  I'm generally more impressed by DJs who seem to know how they want the record to sound in their head and then do a few simple things to take it there without fuss.  And then they can figure out the next record to play, talk to someone, drink, look at the crowd to see where they want to go next, whatevs......

by kenny.hanlon 30th September 2014

There is always a certain element of the tic you talk about. Jeff Mills used to play so fast that he was constantly tapping eqs if not always doing anything but it seemed like it was an anchor to keep him focused because he was throwing records all over the place on 3 decks. he doesn't do it nearly so much now that he's slowed his style down. 

There is the regular tic of slightly fixing eqs that you talk about that we all do but then there is  minor eqing is required quite a bit due various sounds (or quality) of a track but this guy is taking the piss, nothing moves from midnight nearly the whole time (he uses the fx for his "drama") yet he's trying to make it look like he's doing something way more than anyone else i can think of. not helped by it obviously being a totally pre-arranged set. 

by ciaranq 30th September 2014

Ah that's a bit harsh, his eqing may be ridiculous, but he doesn't seem at all like a cunt! I have seen him a few times and he is a really enjoyable dj. Don't confuse his european-ness with cunt-ness. He probably thinks it's zooopa kool to dress like a magician! 

by chris 30th September 2014

What kind of shite magic trick is this?

by boognotic 30th September 2014

by conor 30th September 2014

Horses for courses an that, but I wasnt digging anything he played in that vid in the slightest

TBF the Magician didnt look like he was either :)

by mixalaki 1st October 2014





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