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by louis.scully Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ireland's first Afro Caribbean Acid House Laneway Party takes place this Saturday October 4th

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by louis.scully 30th September 2014

Facebook event is here—

Advance tickets (recommended) from—

Indoors Room 1 (Acid House & Techno)

Snuff Crew (Snuffo Live, BPitch Control)
Slowburn (DJ, Uzuri)
Platinumray (Bop Gun)

Indoors Room 2 (Dublin Tropikal)

iZem (Groovalizacion Radio)

Outdoors (Afro Caribbean Disco)

Joma (Telephones)
Louis Scully (The RnB Club)
Johnny Carroll (Sim Simma)
Frankie Grimes (Sim Simma)

Something for the heads, something for the motts............


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