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by shazil.shaikh22 Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Have you listen Crocodile soup dub techno pack?

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by shazil.shaikh22 14th December 2016

Sample Life debuts on the market with a sample pack built by one of the most interesting artist of the electronic music scene: Crocodile Soup. 

Minimal Dub offers you the chance to find the typicall swinged dubby sounds coming from the romanian wave that is shaking the 
dance floor all around the world. 
it's already 1st place at minimal beatport top 10 !!

by solands23 21st February 2017

I'm fond of listening to new music.  A type of music that makes me shook all the stress on the dance floor. Making me more alive and productive the next day and work on my "high quality paper help" project deadlines.



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