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by eoincregan Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Good bluetooth speakers

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by eoincregan 24th September 2014

There was a post going around about this a while back, but lots more products on the market since. I have a small cambridge audio one which is fine for the kitchen or smaller space, but want something more substantial for the living room.


I like the look of this Marshall one, but might be paying for the look rather than the sound

by nolbri 24th September 2014

DID Electric have Sonos kit on display if you want to try before you buy.

Q Acoustics get good reviews,-speakers-and-portables/q-acoustics/bt3/qaco-qbt3

I have a pair of KRK 5s that aren't getting much use at the momnet so i plan to buy one of these until i have the spare cash for the Play 5



by info 24th September 2014

Bought a jam box for the car. Very good & you can take the box wirelessly too


sonos speakers I have are awesome, but alas they always need to be plugged in. To paraphrase gbs , technology never solves a problem without creating 10 more.... 

by gilesk 24th September 2014

Get a really good Bluetooth adaptor with Apt-x (nearly as good as CD quality) and just plug into your existing sound system. Far more versatile, ie if you wanna change/upgrade other parts of your system. Also you still have the Cambridge Audio one as your portable option.

Arcam do a fantasic bluetooth receivers - this there new one:


by gilesk 24th September 2014

Whatever you do make sure the bluetooth speaker/receiver supports Apt-X!

by icairnsk 25th September 2014

Dying to buy this fella.

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