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by joseph.mcgovern.2009 Wednesday, March 8, 2017


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by joseph.mcgovern.2009 8th March 2017



1 Tmrw by redHat

2 Solitaire by Sully

3 Volume 3A by The Truper

4 Top Gun (Mark Kloud Edit) by T Bone & Dextrous

5 SeeSea (DJ Rashad & Taso Remix) by Machinedrum

6 All I Really Want by Machinedrum

7 Don't Make Me Wait by Lemon D

8 Aquababe by Azealia Banks

9 Regis Chillbin (Machinedrum Remix) by Eprom

10 Linear Pulse by Durban

11 KuntaKintesRide by Kid Lib

12 Peng Teng (Moresounds Remix) by DJ Madd ft. Redders

13 Rahstok by Moresounds

14 Brown Paper Bag (Sideswipe Edit) by Roni Size

15 First Sequence by Studio Pressure

16 One Blood by DJ Roc

17 Nuff Music by Om Unit & Moresounds

18 Thunderclap (Dubplate Mix) by Remarc

19 Ghetto by Jaydan

20 Brockwild by Darkhouse Family

21 Monopoly by Danny Brown

22 The Blacker the Berry by Kendrick Lamar

23 Radio Babylon (Luke Vibert Mix) by Meat Beat Manifesto

24 Etho by Moresounds

25 Bass Kick by Dylan & Damage

26 Kloaking Device (Fracture Remix) by Krust

27 Extra Curricular by Total Science

28 Heaven by Spirit & Digital

29 Street Level by Total Science

30 Sniper VIP (Sonic & Silver Remix) by DJ Trace

31 Perdominant (Màchinedrum Remix) by Papa San

32 Champion (Bong-Ra Remix) by Buju Banton

33 Jungle Dub (Concrete Jungle Version) by Bob Marley & The Wailers


Let me know what you think.

Also, did I mention I'm going to be doing the record fair in Film Base in Temple Bar next Friday, Saturday and Sunday the 10th, 11th & 12th of March?


Will have a load of records on offer down there lots of classic Drum & Bass cuts, Hip-Hop and Funk, Soul and Disco, that kind of thing. Was supposed to be sharing a table with Tom Beary but he had to work and has pulled out. TOM YER FKN DEAD TO ME!!!!

Here's a link to the fair details. Hope to see some of you there!



by linnalandau 4th April 2017

Love your list.
It inspired me a lot when I didn't know what should i write my college essay about . Songs always give me inspiration.


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