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by quigo Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Chefs Table

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by quigo 29th November 2016

Only got around to watching it. Which restaurant would you go to if you got a chance? Alinea had the most interesting food for me.

by Stefano1981 29th November 2016

Did they do an episode about Arzak?

by quigo 29th November 2016

No I don't think so. They seem to be making their way through the top 50 restaurants though, so I can't imagine it would be far off.

by ivanvarian 29th November 2016

No episode on Arzak yet, although the same director (I think) did Jiro Dreams of Sushi which is unreal

by tayor 10th December 2016


Love that movie but the same style is too much all over this tv series imo. It's starting to feel like every chef is fitting into the directors narrative & style as opposed to the other way around 

still Love the series, I guess that clever innovative style he had for the Jiro film starts grating a bit the more it's used 

Alex atala, mallman & allain passard my favs 

by ivanvarian 11th December 2016

Have a slice of this one Trev


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