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Five Shanti Celeste tracks and mixes you have to hear!

In recent years Shanti Celeste has come on leaps and bounds as a household name for those into house music. The Chilean, now based in the UK, and founder of the label Peach Discs joins us in the basement on March 12th for what is guaranteed to be a wild party! For those who are familiar, you know what to expect and those new to Shanti, you are in for a treat! We’ve compiled some of our favorite mixes and releases from Shanti to get us in the mood!

1.) Shanti Celeste b2b Call Super at Lente Kabinet Festival;
Such a great set from start to finish! A good pace to this from the start and closing it out with JA Rule..amazing!

2.) Make Time – Shanti Celeste
Lovely smooth pads over a slow break. One to put on now with the grand stretch in the evenings!

3.) Daisychain 196 Mix
This mix sums up Shanti Celeste perfectly and the range of directions she can take a DJ set!

4.) Days Like This – Shanti Celeste
Crunchy house music with an almost Lo-Fi-esque vibe off it. When the vocals hit, it gets that deeper early 90s house music feel but with a modern twist.

5.) Sun Notification – Shanti Celeste
One for Sunday morning after the BIG ONE.