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Wax On / Wax Off: Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes

Sally McAdam is an acrylic jewellery maker based in Glasgow...


Sally McAdam is debunking the left / right brain myth one day at a time... by day she's a doctor, and by night she makes vividly colourful acrylic jewellery under the guise of Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes alongside her two cats...

What is your name and what do you do?

Hi, my name is Sally McAdam and I design and make laser cut acrylic jewellery.

Where are you from?

I live in Glasgow with my boyfriend Keith and our two cats Chi and Harry. Their contributions to my jewellery business range from taking parcels to the post office to casually trying to eat small pieces of plastic despite close supervision.

When / how did you become so interested in your craft?

I started making jewellery at university. I'd like to say it was a creative outlet for me but I think in reality it was mostly to avoid studying. Initially I made charm bracelets from beads, but I wanted a way to make jewellery to my own designs; after a bit of research I discovered laser cutting was probably the most effective way of doing this. I taught myself to draw vectors using a free program called Inkscape. This all sounds very impressive but it was actually just a significant amount of trial and error, furious Googling and occasional 3am weeping.

Is there a person that you look up to?

Yeah, there are loads! There are people that do some amazing things with acrylic these days, especially Designosaur, I Am Acrylic and Finest Imaginary.


What were your parents or friends reactions when you told them what you wanted to do?

I have a proper job as a doctor (I figured that I should probably do at least SOME studying at university) so most people think I'm borderline crazy to try doing both at once. It's challenging, but then most fun things are.

What are your plans for the future?

I'd like to sell my jewellery in some more shops, internationally if possible. I've got one stockist in Germany now, so slowly taking over the world. ;)

What has been your weirdest idea for a project? Did you go through with it?

I made some giant otter necklaces as part of my last collection, mostly because I wanted one. Seemingly almost no one else has similar tastes in otter-based jewellery.

Ever want to just give it all up and do something ordinary?

I do ordinary things during the day, but by night I am Batman.

What are your words to live by?

See above.
Thanks Sally! Check out Sally's designs at Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes...


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