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Wax On / Wax Off: Dimensions Soundsystem

Ahead of making their Irish debut this Saturday, we spoke to some of the brains behind Dimensions Festival about what makes them tick...

Will consistently stellar line ups and an awesome, unique location, Dimensions Festival have established themselves over the past few years as one of the best festivals worldwide. Now in their 5th year, the men behind the machine have started to spread their wings and have taken the show on the road as Dimensions Soundsystem over the past 12 months, taking in shows all over Europe and with a US tour in the pipeline. Ahead of this Saturdays Dublin Launch Party in the Bernard Shaw, we sat down with 1/4 of the equation to pick his brain...

What is your name and what do you do?

Andy Lemay, on quarter of Dimensions Sound system and head up marketing and Partnerships for Dimensions Festival

Where are you from?

Not really anywhere moved home every two years of my life with Papa Lemay's work but have been in London the last 10 years ... so London recently?!

When / how did you become so interested in your craft?

My dad was really into soul music, he is from Montreal and there was a really strong Disco scene there, he had a lot of those records around the house and soul music across the spectrum and that was an early influence in getting me into music. I actually started out getting into DJing when I was 13 from listening to Mix Master Mike from the Beastie Boys, I wasn't so much into the beastie Boys but loved his scratching style, Jazzy Jeff too. I wanted to be a scratch DJ to start so spent hours and hours getting very very average at it. It did teach me quite a bit about breaks samples and the original soul records.

Is there a person that you look up to?

A few but some people in my immediate circle

He will hate me saying this but Simon Scott from Dimensions is one of many, I love his music taste and he has taught me quite a bit. He is also incapable of bullshit so if you get a compliment on a record played or anything in general  means a lot! Top top DJ too.

Tom Smith who runs Cosmic Slop in Leeds is one of the poeple I really respect too, what he is doing at MAP and the charity is amazing and very inspirational.

Dave Martin someone I love working, great DJ with with a wicked music taste, obviously he is one of the Festival bookers, he is also the one that has to keep me in check when we are playing abroad no easy task making sure I don't miss, trains, planes or loose records I look up to him for that for a start.

Noah Ball for his vision in guiding Dimensions and making things happen, The Dimensions Festival Opening Concert was his idea and on paper didn't make much financial sense! He drove the vision forward and its become one the Festival highlights. Was really impressive to see what can happen when you think big.

Guess all the guys at Dimensions showing you can make a success of something credible, purist and done for the right reasons  without having to resort to lowest common denominator music and marketing tactics.

and Arsene Wenger, because he knows.

What were your parents or friends reactions when you told them what you wanted to do?

They are so supportive, you don't get into working independent music to make money so once they got over the idea I'm not going to be able to buy them a mansion I think they were cool. I joke, I absolutely love what I do and it makes me very happy and they know that and preferred me doing something interesting so are all for it. If we sell enough festival tickets one day they will get the big house.
What are your plans for the future?

We have some really exciting plans for Dimensions expanding beyond the Festival format we cant talk about just yet. We have a new London Festival called Sunfall that we run with the good people at Columbo Group, its going really well and a great new project keeping us even more busy. We have a really busy calendar with Dimensions Soundsystem and a Mexico and US tour coming up very soon too. We have enough to keep us busy for now.

What has been your weirdest idea for a project? Did you go through with it?

It involves a roller disco and still may happen, watch the space!

Ever want to just give it all up and do something ordinary?


What are your words to live by?

Trying to live up to Heny James' advice to his nephew,
Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind


5 picks for Saturdays party in the Shaw...


I have been talking to Byron for quite some time and was great to have him booked for for the festival late last year, just after we booked him sound signature release dropped with Kai Alce and then the Wild Oats release. Its been fantastic to see the upward trajectory. One of the nicest people too and deserves everything coming his way, one of my favourite cuts from the Wild Oats release.

I remember Conor from the Bodytonic crew being into this one when I dropped it last year so this one is out to him! We also have Marcellus playing this year, I'm a huge fan so a track form him is essential.

New release from friend Alex Bradley's Utopia Recording label, brilliant house music. He always kills it with the design too (see the Soichi Terada release!), one of the most beautifully presented vinyl releases of the year so far?

Throwback number, we don't just play house! I'm a huge Loose Ends fan and this track was produced by Nick Martinelli, responsible for some of Loose Ends best work. Diane Charlemagne on vocals too!

Im a bIg fan of Electronic soul/rnb/neo soul ... whatever you want to call it. D'angelo to Badu.. I like it. Although not a new release, or a club track Rhythm Section have dropped the vinyl EP of Silent Jay and Jace XL recently. A great collective out of Australia. Someone needs to play this on the beach at Dimensions this Summer.




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