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by chrisraymond 2018-03-29 13:44:06

Tr One 'Out Of Tune Love' EP London Launch Party

March 30th - The Alibi

We have a long track record of making a big fuss about small milestones, whether that be 1st/2nd/5th/15th birthday/podcast/website/day of a vegan diet, so with no more a fitting occasion than our 10th release on the Bodytonic, there was no one better in our mind than Irelands finest, Tr One, to mark such a monumentous milestone. 

The resulting 3 track EP takes a nod to their strong Chicago and Detroit influences, while remaining fresh and cutting edge, and we are so excited about it all, we have decided to fly them over to London for the second of 2 launch parties after February's 5 hour marathon set in Dublin.

For those who know, I don't need to explain how good this will be, you know what to expect. For everyone else, they're hands down the best djs you have yet to hear and put most big name international djs to shame, miss it, miss out...


Tr One 
Conor L
Shane Linehan
Steve Egri

Vinyls will be available on sale on the night

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