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by chrisraymond 2017-03-20 17:17:05

The Stage @ Eatyard: Katie Sanderson

Come try her unbelievable White Mausu sauce

"Next up on The Stage @ Eatyard we have the very talented Katie Sanderson. Katie is a nomadic cook known for her work with The Fumbally Cafe, The Dillisk Project, and varying and interesting workshops and dinners all over Ireland. Although Irish, Katie grew up in Hong Kong and this influence can be seen in many of her endeavours. 
Katie's latest venture is her elusive White Mausu sauce. Katie started making it at the Fumbally and for herself and after persistent requests from people looking to buy the sauce she decided to sell it at The Dublin Flea and to select cafes. This Saturday from 3pm we are very lucky to have Katie come down and have a chat about the sauce and give out some tasters. This is an Eatyard exclusive and is a must try for anyone big into their Asian food.  This is an Eatyard exclusive and is a must try for anyone big into their Asian food. 
Katie had this to say about the sauce; "My own family has become so addicted to the sauce that it now goes on everything, from fried eggs at breakfast to salads at lunchtime and roast chicken at dinner. I love hearing from people how they are using it. People are telling me they come in from work tired and don’t want to cook, and they have it with a bowl of rice and that it’s heaven.”  - Sounds right down our alley. 
Anyone needing any more convincing check out this deadly video all about Katie and her philosophy behind food: https://vimeo.com/198848393

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