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Robert Hood

...the minimal techno pioneer?


Underground Resistance co-founder and Detroit's finest techno producer Robert Hood has a simple yet powerful sound that encompasses the Detroit ethos.

Taken under the wing of Jeff Mills and Mark Banks back in the early 90's, it wasn't long before he left his mentors to pursue his own musical career. More recently, Hood reached his 20 year milestone back in 2014 with the 20th anniversary of his M-Plant label and a best of compilation entitled; 'M-Print: 20 Years of M-Plantcompilation'.
"M-Print is more than a compilation," Hood explains, "I wanted it to flow like a river of living water instead of just a flashback. It represents the unfolding of a dream, it represents passion and determination to make something out of nothing. It's like planting a seed in the ground and watching it grow over time into a beautiful tree."
Robert Hood is a master of techno in his own right, now standing alongside those mentors that went before him but still inspire to this day.
Catch the master himself at Life Festival this May.
Words by Lucy Cullen.

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