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by amy 2014-07-21 12:46:16

Record Digging: Steve Rachmad

The man of many monikers, sounds & influences gives us an insight into his collection...

Steve Rachmad may not sound familiar to you but that's only because he's a man of many monikers. The Dutch born legend has made tracks as Sterac, Sterac Electronics, Parallel 9, Tons Of Tones, Esteban del Monte, and Ignacio... there's more of course but I think you get the idea, he's good at what he does. 

A note from Steve: "The first thing I want to say is the following, alot of the upcoming questions are questions about my favourite songs… I just want to say upfront as a big music lover it is hard for me to limit this down to just one favourite or one best one. That simply doesn't exist for me. There is so much good and nice music that I can't say which is best, and it's actually not that important. You either feel a piece or you don't. Some pieces make you feel more than others and with some pieces you will feel nothing at all. In simple words this means personal taste. So, the answers will be the ones that come up to me when passing the questions at that moment."
So Steve, what was the first record you bought and how old were you?
That was The Commodores - Lady (You Bring Me Up) in 1980 I think. I was 10 years old then.
Is there a record you wish you’d written? 
Oh man, there are so many I'd wish I'd written :)
One to mention now is Floating Points - Sais. Such a amazing track I think.
Record which makes you happiest or most nostalgic…?
As a big 80's freak, Matthew Wilder -  Breaking My Stride comes to me. Some people I know think it's a silly track but I think it's a funny happy track :)
Best after party record?
Depending on my mood it will be something 80's, something nice and emotional or Ricardo Villalobos deep.
For this moment I will choose something deep, so, Ricardo Villalobos - Precox. Superdeep with a nice groove and it takes a while to be finished.
Any records that make you sad…?
Cheesy 80's boy that I am it will be an 80's ballad from Vanessa Williams - Darlin' I.
Never understood why exactly but this could make me really sad in the past. Haven't played for years though. And maybe I shouldn't ;)
Record you’d use in an emergency when the dance floor is in danger of emptying…? 
I always decide that on the fly. I follow my feeling at that moment. Can't do that upfront.
Your favourite place to buy records?
Lately I simply do not have time to go record shopping, and whenever I do have the time, I rather spend it in the studio because I also do not have a lot of time to be in the studio. But whenever it comes to it it's a little store in my hometown of Amsterdam called RushHour. Best record shop in town.
Any particular sound system you've enjoyed playing records on more so than usual?
For me personal the dj set up has to feel comfortable and the monitors have to sound good. If the monitors are shit I can't get into it and can't give my best. One of the systems I enjoyed playing at recently was at Lehmann in Stuttgart.
Ever experienced an afternoon slump? What record can lift even the most uninspired of moods for you?
This is again a feeling question for me. Which means I never plan it but decide at the spot when the situation occurs.
What record made you stop and think, 'Yes. That's what I want to do.'...?
That must have been a moment at club RoXY in Amsterdam in 1987. One of those records was Mr. Fingers - Amnesia. With it's unregular weird hollow sounding bassline I was stunned on the dancefloor at the time. A very inspirational record to me.
Your own record that you are most proud of…?
Off course I have many tracks that I'm proud of and this is one of the categories I can't limit down to just one track. I will mention one that I guess not many people will know. It was on my 2nd STERAC album and was inspired by the late 70's/early 80's electronic music and is called Tears.
Thanks for this Steve, If you're looking for more, then check out the timeless mix from Steve under his Parallel 9 persona. Stripped back, dub inspired techno at its finest.

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