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Record Digging: Lee Kelly

The Acid & Synth Fanatic

Man about town, Lee Kelly, has been DJing around Dublin for several years and is one of POGO's (Every Saturday at The Twisted Pepper) most reliable residents. (Because he runs it!) He spoke to us about the records that get him through almost every occasion.

So Lee, what was the first record you bought?

Robin S - Show me love. A very cheesy one but I was 16 when I bought it in Abbey Discs, I used to love going in every Monday after school and just staying until it closed. I've since learnt that Monday is possibly the worst day to go record shopping which would explain some crap records that are collecting dust in my room. (I've recently discovered it has a Kerri Chandler Remix on it though, so hopefully that makes up for something ha ha.)

Record you wish you’d written?

LFO - LFO (Leeds Warehouse mix). It's everything thats right with Techno, I love everything about it, the space/time traveling pads with a very raw 909 and huge bass line. Plus if I had written that track i'd have some seriously good synths in my studio as well as a 909. :) 

Record which makes you happiest…?

It changes every few months because I discover/rediscover tracks. The one that constantly puts a smile on my face at the moment is Polygon Window - Polygon Window, again another spacey one but it's just one of the best tracks I've ever heard! There's just so much going on in it. What gets me every time are the weird backwards pads and the bass line that starts two minutes in. First time I heard it, my brain literally just said "f**k off" it's too good. The whole album is just ridiculous! Do yourself a favor and listen to it. :)

Record which makes you saddest…?

Jamie Principal - Waiting On My Angel (Ron Hardy Edit). It doesn't really make me that sad but when it's loud or I've headphones on it's one record I can really feel the emotion in. Jamie's voice and chords were always unreal though. I love the original but the Ron Hardy edit just has a rawness about it that makes it the one for me. 

Record you’d use in an emergency when the dance floor is emptying…?

For the last while its been Paranoid london - Transmission 5. First time I heard it was on a mix by my mate Dean, I started freaking out when the bass line kicked in then he just mixed it out really fast, it was only in the mix for like 2 minutes. I rang him proper annoyed asking why he didn't play the track for longer, and then the next day I ran into All City to ask them to order one in for me, only to discover that Sonel (All City) had ordered in just one copy for me because he knew i'd love it. That's a proper record shop. :) 

Best after session record…?

SoundFactory - Understand this Groove (Original Dub). It's just a proper banger, big piano track with loads of energy, it's exactly what people need when they're getting a bit tired. 

Record which had most influence on you…?

It's hard to pick one record that most influenced me because i'm always torn between techno and house, but one person that has really influenced me is Theo Parrish. He's on another level musically, intelligent and is a proper character, anytime I read/listen to an interview with him or listen to any of his music I get an urge to make something of my own. He makes some really hypnotic stuff that you can just get lost in. Anyway this is one of my faves... Theo Parrish - Carpet People Don't Drink Steak, when everything kicks in, five minutes in is a small slice of heaven for me! 

Your own record you are most proud of…?

Em it would probably be Lonosphere, it's the first track I was actually happy with when I finished it. First time I achieved making the exact sound that I had in my head and I finished it in like 2 hours so it was a good night :) 

Thanks for that Lee! You can catch Lee on TXFM every Saturday from 7-10pm along with Shane Linehan for POGO radio. 

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