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Pantha du Prince

The Royal Experimenter...


Germany's very own ambitious Pantha Du Prince, aka Henrik Webber, has been celebrated for pushing the envelope of electronic music since he arrived on the scene in 2002.

His extraordinary experimental sound, which he himself describes as 'sonic house' has gained him respect from artist such as Depeche Mode, Animal Collective and Bloc Party who he has also colaborated with on remixes.
2010 saw his third album 'Black Noise' catch the attention of London's RoughTrade Records who immediately signed the German producer. More recently in 2013, with techno already having undergone & through many changes and hybrids; he collaborated with The Bell Laboratory to bring the astounding 'Elements of Light', a classical instrumental rendition using the bell carillon which has a combined weight of fifty tonnes and is made up of 50 bronze bells. No pressure then.
Webber is a man of many talents who has had a string of exhibitions and shows and had his critically acclaimed album 'Black Noise' gone on to win the critics prize in his home country, at the Echo Music Awards which were held in Berlin in 2011.
Dont miss the opportunity to catch a glimpse of this prince in action at Life Festival in May 2015.

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