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by twisted.pepper 2015-02-26 15:05:22

Who is NIKO IS?

Talib Kweli protégé releases Brutus...


NIKO IS has been receiving a lot of heat lately.

The 26-year old Orlando rapper has just dropped Brutus, his first release with Javotti Media and might just be on the cusp of greatness. 
The hype around Niko has grown since last year’s Good Blood. On Good Blood, the emcee raps over almost cheesy 70s style Miami beats, but it works– somehow the guy can pull it off. Take on 'Ballon d’Or', Niko moves across palm trees and calypso, but then dives straight into solid rap verses. The key to this versitility coming from Niko's constant companion, producer Thanks Joey.

Niko and Thanks Joey are doing something different– they're experimental...
It's no wonder Talib Kweli got on board with them. As Javotti boss and all round talent scout, Kweli spent the past year mentoring and touring with Niko Is, even taking him to London to try Jamaican food. It's not a project Kweli is taking lightly, in a recent radio interview Talib said Niko was 'one of the greatest emcees I've ever heard'.
Which brings us to Brutus. On first listen, Brutus has moved away from the heavy Scarface vibes of Good Blood but still maintains some of that breezy Miami feel. It's all a reflection of the real life NIKO, Nikolai Paiva, a Brazilian born, Orlando raised stand out. The first release from Brutus, 'Cherry Beamer Dreaming' has a more chilled vibe, and just look at that hair. 

If Talib Kweli and Nikolai stay on track this could be a massive year for NIKO IS. Brutus is available to part-stream and purchase here on Fatbeats. 


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