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by chrisraymond 2018-10-02 12:48:35

Leon Vynehall on the RA Podcast

Vynehall returns to the floor, but on his terms

On his RA podcast, Vynehall returns to the dance floor—but on his terms. "I wanted to do something steered slightly more towards the dance floor, whilst still taking it left and right, up and down," he told us. "I can never really stick strictly to one style. I tend to get bored, and I think listeners would too." With mesmerising grooves and catchy hooks, this carefully assembled 90-minute trip through ambient, dub, house and techno is a reminder that Vynehall is an artist who's utterly compelling both inside the club and out. 

He has two upcoming gigs with us

December 1st - Wigwam (Tickets from www.bodytonicmusic.com/tickets

December 2nd - The Bernard Shaw (Free in) 


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