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by amy 2015-05-05 13:49:13

House of Yoga - This. Is. Your. House.

Karla Kelly takes her unique blend of yoga & house music to Life Festival this May 29th - 31st...


House of Yoga is a fusion of Yoga with House Music developed by Waterford based studio owner and director, Karla Kelly...

It's the unique class of their studio, having been refined over several years of teaching locally and in workshops around the country. On a recent trip to the Cliffs of Moher retreat, all of us at Bodytonic HQ got to try out the workshop firsthand over three days, and were suitably impressed with the method that combines one of the few things we can all agree on, house music.
What exactly is House of Yoga though we hear you ask? Well, in not so many words, the House of Yoga is a dance for embodiment of the rhythm of a beat, a light yet profound way of moving with yoga asanas and music which creates a great sense of balance in our rhythms. It's a unique practice of aligning our movements in tune with our breath as we inhale and exhale to the rhythm of the housemusic soundtrack...

...A synergy of Body. Breath. Beat.

With that in mind we're looking forward to welcoming Karla & the rest of the House of Yoga team to Life Festival on Sunday 31st May. They'll aim to bring the deep electric downloads even deeper with a short and sweet body party on Sunday morning from 11-12. Karla and her crew will help you create more space in the base, ease the jelly in your belly, and kickstart your heart in a 30 minute body party. Bring the beats deeper into muscles and bones, heart and mind, via the biggest high there is - your breath. No need for any special gear, or yoga mat, just bring your hangover and your bodymindhearthouse with you.
Life Festival takes place from May 29 - 31 at Belvedere House & Gardens in Mullingar. You can purchase your ticket here.

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