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Derrick Carter

social media man of the moment

Social media's favourite DJ and Chicago's legendary house producer Derrick Carter doesn't spot trends or worry about the future, he's a serious "right now" kind of guy.

His set's are rooted in house, but he never forgets to bring a bit of jazz, disco and soul to the turntable.

Carter's reputation behind the decks isn't half as credible as his new found love for poking a bit of fun on social media site Twitter. Whether his antics came across as condescending or like us you find them hilarious, he is however bringing up a topic that most people in the scene are equally frustrated about.
This new wave of EDM DJ's or as Carter refers to them, #DerpHouse DJ's are flooding the mainstream airwaves and discouraging the future of dance music. Carter has built his reputation on hard work starting DJing in his bedroom at aged only nine, working in a record store and playing sets in his hometown of Detroit, it wasn't long before Derrick May was showing him some production tricks too.
Nowadays, as well as mostly touring around Europe he works alongside pal Luke Soloman at Classic Records, the label they both set up in 1995. Although his production talents have been requested by many pop-oriented acts Carter prefers to keep his roots firmly underground and we salute you for this.
"I like to keep myself pretty invisible. You may think I'm somewhere, but I've already left”, except for Twitter that is...
Catch the pioneer of house music this May at Life Festival.




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