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by twisted.pepper 2015-03-11 14:57:58

Bodytonic's Paddy's Weekend

Avoid all the schnakes this year, we've got parties right across The Back Page, The Twisted Pepper, The Bernard Shaw, and MVP...

We're celebrating the most Irish time of the year with events and parties at The Back Page, The Twisted Pepper, MVP, and The Bernard Shaw  


Ah, St Patrick's Day, we've been busy plotting and scheming parties in honor of the great snake defender– eat Guinness, go Jamaican, dance yrself green or find a handsome Paddyella, Bodytonic's got you covered. 


Sim Simma celebrates fellow great man, Paddy... 

On March 17, Sim Simma be bringing the Jamaica to Phibsboro. Dutty wine all day from 4pm, and even better, it's free in, and got no queues nor shamrocks. 
The Back Page's new extended smoking area makes its big debut – the Big Blue Bus guys are running a Brazilian BBQ whilst All City host a Grafitti Jam. The tunes are coming from the Sim Simma Soundsystem, with special guests Bobofunk, Nic James and White Collar Boy. Get more da info here mon. 

Flex your biceps and dance with Dixon..

On March 14, The Twisted Pepper hosts Dimensions' launch party. We'll be flexin' some muscle with Belfast's Bicep and London producer MssingNo. Get the full scoop here
How else would the world's number one DJ celebrate St Patrick's Day? Dixon hits up The Twisted Pepper March 16, playing his most intimate set all year. You can call him Steffan if you want. 
For the big day, on the 17th, The Twisted Pepper marks 15 years of InDub Reggae Store. Get away from the parade when we kick off nice & early at 4pm. Most importantly, the tunes are coming from Dirty Dubsters, MatJazz, Lex Woo and a few more

Have you ever drank Guinness punch before?


On March 17, to mark Irish greatness, MVP will be serving up all things Guinness. Guinness punch, Guinness cake. Guinness Guinness, did we mention the Guinness? Oh, and some spuds. Check out here for more.   

Bettys and Handsome Paddys take over


To kick off the Paddy's festivities, on March 16 The Bernard Shaw hosts an all day party with that seductress, Betty. The girl has her best gúna ready to go and will be shaking her disco self all day. More disco info here
Do you fancy yourself a Handsome Paddy? On the 17th, the most handsome Paddy of all is hosting a party to honor his favourite saint. Top Irish hip hop and scratch DJs will be playing, and there's even a prize for the best dressed, most handsome Paddy or Paddyella. 



Have a good one. 


Sim Simma Paddy's Day

Dimensions launch w/ Bicep & MssingNo

Dixon @ The Twisted Pepper

Paddys Day @ MVP

Betty @ The Bernard Shaw

Handsome Paddys Day @ The Bernard Shaw


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