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by chrisraymond 2017-06-13 17:35:43

Bodytonic Summer Party: Dj Okapi & Orange Tree Edits

Free party in the Wigwam bar

We're throwing a little early summer party in the Wigwam bar this Saturday with help from South African digger DJ Okapi and Dublin lads, Orange Tree Edits. Get on over to the Facebook event to see whats going down. 


DJ Okapi

Orange Tree Edits

Willy Coots, Breen, Super Tramp

For anyone that doesn't know DJ Okapi check out his seemingly endless blog here. Full of South African unkown gems. He has been booked for almost everything over the last while including Dimensions and Dekmantel Selectors, but here is your chance to catch him locally, for free. Also, check out his Boiler Room below. 

Also, check out one of the very very good Orange Tree Edits from earlier this year. It was a vynil only release that sold out vvveerry quickly 


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