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by amy 2014-11-21 13:08:21

Bodytonic Present: Bring The Toys 2015

This November 28th, after a five year hiatus...


We've decided to bring the toys back...

Bring The Toys was a night that we used to love running back in the early days of Bodytonic at The Pod & The Bernard Shaw. We only stopped because Trev started having kids, ironically.

We'll be hosting our Bring The Toys night over at Bodytonic's new manor, The Back Page in Phibsborough on November 28th, and fittingly, all the money and toys we recieve will be donated to the Temple Street Children's hospital just down the road from us.

Let us know if you're coming, here. We'd love to see you!

So what better a night to ressurect this than Toy Show Night. An Irish institution at this stage. We'll be showing the Toyshow on almost every screen in the pub, and there may even be a few sneaky games of Ping-Pong happening upstairs... actually scratch that, there'll definitely be ping-pong happening upstairs.

What toys can you bring? Avoid furry or cuddly toys, and ideally they need to be new and in packaging, but games, books, CD's, and all other toys are good. Or if you haven't got any toys to donate, you can donate €'s too.

Let us know if you're coming, here. We'd love to see you!

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by info 26th November 2014

Just a note on this ... If you can't make Friday but wanna support the idea we will take toys in on Friday in MVP, the shaw & the pepper . Thanks 


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