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by brewtonic 2014-10-30 12:38:24


Thanks for coming, and making it one of our most special editions yet...


Another Beatyard over, so now it's time to look back on what happened over the last two weeks...

Our tenth edition was one of our favourite editions of the festival to date, we saw tonnes of electronic music's best offerings including Oneman, Moon Boots, & Omar S, some wicked folk and indie music over at Whelans in the form of The Barr Brothers, & Adam Cohen. We kept our energy levels up with the delicious #Beatyard blend from 3FE, had our faces doodled on by Jamesmakeart, before filling our bellies with chilly at Chewies Chillie Con Carnivale. But one of our highlights by far was Ben Klock closing the festival last Sunday.

Here's a few pictures of what happened during #BeatyardX.

We'll be back next may for edition eleven, and we've got lots of new and exciting ideas we're going to be experimenting with.

Keep checking the-beatyard for regular updates on what's happening in Dublin city.

Ha'Penny flea and their fresh stock of loads of new winter woollies.


Nosaj eats. Filling up at The Cake Cafe before his packed show at The Shaw last Thursday.


It's bigger than...? Dublin poppin' off to Dead Prez at Time is Illmatic at The Sugar Club last Wednesday. #lexusorjustice? #realtalk


Has Dublin lost it's creative edge? A packed Banter house at The Twisted Pepper. All came to hang off every word from Richard Seabrooke (offset), Una Mullally (IT), Sinead Kelly (Hunt & Gather) & Dave MABOS.


Time is Illmatic at The Sugar Club


Although it was quite a heated Banter session on whether Dublin has lost it's creativity, there were still some room for laughs.


Watermelon aficionado, Jamal, kicking off his new night 'Watermelon' at The B Shaw.


That natural pre-show glint. No effects necessary.


Good honest fun..until you draw a double chin on a girl...


One of our wonderful Beatyard Competition winners, Aoife Grogan. Aoife was most pleased that she got to see Lee Fields & The Expressions for free!


And Cailan O'Connell, who made excellent use of his pass at Ben Klock, Liars, Omar S, & Oneman to name but a few!


Hoya Hoya taking to the stage in The Bernard Shaw. Biggie's not a bad way to set things off.


We have a wiener. The 2014 Chilli con Carnivale winners.


The awesome Sophia of WaywardClouds vandalising our walls. It's all good, we like colours...


Natasha vibin up Rams Record Stall at Rub-A-Dublin Reggae Fest


Joma & Mr Loose Ends himself, who hot footed it up the road from Samhain to warm up for John Daly last Sunday in the BS.


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