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Farmyard: Check out Jam Parks Progress


With Farmyard our goal is to start growing our own fruit, herbs, flowers and veg and we hope that in the next year we’ll be able to set up our own food & drinks unit in Eatyard, selling only the good ol’ produce we have harvested ourselves.


This week in the spotlight is Jam Park, they’ve been doing some amazing work over the last two weeks and its really showing. From recycling rainwater to use to water the plants to doing the compost on the daily. All this hard work is really going to pay off! One step closer to sustainability.


Compost till you drop!

Water harvesting with Captain 👨‍✈️ Chris


New pallet plants beds ♻️


It’s that bloody simple! We are by no means experts at this ourselves, it’s all trial and error. But it’s a lot of fun and hopefully we can inspire some of you to join the buzz in 2021.

Ellen & The Crew