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The Eco Brick Takeover… WIN FREE BEATYARD TIX

The Eco Brick Takeover 

Ecobricks….. The small idea that took over our lives (and venue!) this Summer. It started with a simple thought that we go through massive amounts of non-biodegradable waste. We’ve reduced our usage as much as we can, but some of it you just can’t avoid. That’s why when we heard of Ecobricks we knew we HAD to try em’ out. Our initial idea was to build a DJ riser out of them.. #greentonic DJs anyone?

Soon enough we had literally HUNDREDS of Eco Bricks. They’re in every knuck and cranny we could fill. and we’re looking for people to help build something artistic, creative or productive out of them. Any interest in this? If you are, and propose a good idea, and can come into the Bernard Shaw or Lighthouse this week to collect them, build something, we’ll sort you a Beatyard or Wine & Cheese festival ticket.

If your interested, drop us a line here👇👇

    Here’s some of our own Eco Brick journey so far for inspo