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DJ Earl Releases New Album – ‘Bass + Funk & Soul’

Chicago’s DJ Earl released a new LP at the start of this month on Moveltraxx.

For the Footwork and Juke don this is his second release on the label. He also released his Teklife or Nolife EP back in 2012.

This LP opens out with “BAAAAAA” which is a jazzy number that really sets the tone for the rest of the album. He’s reported to have said that he took a lot of inspiration for the album from a trip to Brazil last year. On this trip, he was introduced to Brazilian funk by a friend and the concept for the LP grew from there. This LP brings amazing energy and acid vibes on “WHAAAM” while also providing to your bassline needs on “RIGHT DERE”.

This LP honestly covers all your party needs and is well worth a check to dance around your house to.