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DJ Q’s Grime and Garage Mix for RA

This mix is a big one from UK Northern Bassline legend DJ Q.

DJ Q was coined the DJ EZ of the North and that’s not a title thrown around lightly in the UK. Especially when we are talking about Garage. This mix is the perfect mix of old and new. DJ Q has been 20 years in the game perfecting his style. Why, for example, play ten or 12 tracks in a set when you could play 35. His quick mixing is a trademark of his for sure. His mixing is fast paced and perfect to brighten up a mid-week slump. Theres definitely been a resurgence of UK Garage on the mainstream market but DJ Q says ‘ I haven’t really seen it as a resurgence because it’s something I’ve always made and played’.

Aside from this mix he’s also has a recent release on Local Action, All That I Could“. Its also had remixes from Octo Octa and Lavonz and rumour is there’s another Local Action release coming this month.. 


Ellen & The Crew


DJ Q & Hans Glader – Thief In The Night
Gentlemen’s Club – 1999 feat. Dread
MC Bassboy – Estoy Feliz
DJ Q – All That I Could
DJ Q – All That I Could (Lavonz Remix)
Oppidan – Harmonise
Wolfie – Supernatural (DJ Q Remix)
Notion – Fluid Sammy Virji – When U Kiss Me
Bushbaby – The Way You Do It
N:Fostell – Keep It Moving feat. Sharlene Klarice
Oppidan – Morning Miggy
20Syl – Seven Four Twenty
DJ Q – Lose My Cool
Zed Bias – Friend feat. Children Of Zeus (Jared Jackson Dub)
DJ Q, Gaidaa, tofubeats – All In (tofubeats Remix)
Royal-T – Tabloids
DJ Q & Zibba – You’re Lying
Joker – She Lies
Dance System & UNiiQU3 – Get Up On It!
Amadeezy – This
Deezay DJ Q – Helicopter On The Roof Interlude
Todd Edwards – Thank You
Dakar – I’ve Got That Feeling
DJ Q – Fear (KDYN Remix)
Jack Junior – Lunar
Gaidaa – I Like Trouble (DJ Q & Zibba Remix)
Sharda – Dreamer (Drinks On Me Remix)
Albzzy & MKJAY – Think About Things
DJ Q & Sammy Virji – WIP
DJ Q – It’s You (Octo Octa Remix)
DJ Q & Zibba – Vibes