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District 8 and Bodytonic present: Deborah De Luca

Date: Friday, October 4th

Doors: 11pm

District 8 and Bodytonic are proud to welcome one of the most essential women in dance music, Deborah De Luca to Jam Park this October.

Making her Irish debut, De Luca has been taking the world by storm with her unique blend of techno which is equally rhythmic as it is melodic.

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Italian born, and growing up on the periphery of Naples, De Luca is from humble origins. Working hard her whole life, she has made a name for herself both in the worlds of fashion and music. A fusion of hard techno and minimal sounds, her music has seen her travel to every corner of the globe, drawing huge crowds wherever she goes.

It is a true pleasure to welcome such a respected and talented artist to Dublin for the first time.

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