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Our Covid protocols – updated December 1st

Please note we will amend and update these as frequently as we can, as new guidance and advice gets issued by the Government, and better practice & science become available.

– All customers must wear face masks and shields . Please wear your face mask when entering/exiting the building, and if moving between your table to/from the toilet. Only when at your table, can you remove your face mask.

– The latest time you can make a booking with us is 10pm. All bookings must order food at their table. Last food orders 10pm, last drinks orders 11pm

– Please don’t hug, shout, sing, or dance in our premises. We know your intentions might be good, and its that time of the year, but it makes other customers uncomfortable, and we ask everyone to respect the rules as they are for the health and best interests of everyone!

– Please do not mix with people at other tables than the one you are at. Don’t move tables to be closer, or switch seats. Its strictly tables of 6 people or less, max.

-We advise you dress up warm, and bring gloves, coats & extra cover. We try to open our doors and windows every hour to let fresh air circulation in, as it’s good for Covid safety and our indoor heating systems can only compensate so much. So if its sometimes a bit cold, know that its also that little bit safer too!

– All customers must have left the premises by 11.30pm.

-We operate drinks takeaway service for all our customers, just ask our crew about it when your seated with us.

– We have facemasks, snoods and hand sanitizer bottles on sale at the host station and in our spaces, just ask our crew, and you can purchase from them.

– Please practice social distancing with your friends. Be mindful of other customers, and stay within your own table/area.

– Bookings of no more than 6 people per table are allowed for 2 hour sittings. Do not mix with other people you know at other tables please!

– Hand hygiene is extremely important, hand sanitiser stations will be located at all entry and exit points and toilets. Ask our server crew if you want some too. Regularly cleaning your hands is strongly advised.

– All surfaces & sanitised cleaning will be carried out by our trained crew after each sitting

– At all times, a dedicated member of the crew will be on duty to make sure all protocols are adhered to (front & back of house) to ensure the safety for our customers & crew.

– All customers will be greeted by a host, who will show you to your reserved table. Floor service people will then take your order and payment at the same time. You can pre-order a set package, or just simply ‘order & pay’ as you go. You can also order & pay via your phone from your table if you wish, or pre-order in advance too.

– Printed oneoff menus can be provided, but where possible we advise you visit our bars website, and view the menu on there. All our online menus are on mobile friendly web formats, and this helps us save on paper waste. If you look on your table you’ll see a QR Code for our menus, and the mobile friendly weblink to view on your phone is there too.You can order and pay for items from your phone now too if you like !

– Booking times will be staggered, with reduced table layouts and capacity. While we ask you be on time for your booking, if you are running late, call us to let us know.

– Walk in’s –  one customer from each group will be asked to provide a contact number & email address. We strongly advise booking in advance though, we can’t always cater for walk in’s.

– Contactless/ cash free payments are encouraged  – this are the best payment options for safety.

We politely ask you to stick to these guidelines, its all public health policy and in your interest, and everyone elses safety to stick to them! If broken we will remind you of them, but if they are broken consistently we may have to ask you to leave.

thank you, and we hope you have a great time with us !